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NYC – New York City

New York City is located at the northeastern region of the United States. Its land area is approximately 304.8 square miles while its water area is 164.1 square miles giving the city a total area of 468.9 square miles. The city’s highest point is the Todt Hill located on Staten Island. It is estimated to be 409.8 feet above sea level.

New York City consists of five boroughs which include The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. The Bronx, the city’s northernmost borough, is where the Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo are located. This is where rap and hip hop culture originated. Manhattan, on the other hand, is the most populated borough and houses majority of the city’s skyscrapers. It is the city’s financial center and is home to a number of major corporations and organizations. Brooklyn is famous for its cultural, ethnic, and social diversity. It has a long beachfront with distinct neighborhoods. Queens is the largest borough and houses two of the major airports in New York City: John F. Kennedy International Airport and the LaGuardia Airport. Staten Island is considered as the most suburban of all five boroughs in terms of character. It is home to Staten Island Ferry, one of New York City’s most popular attractions.
The city has a humid subtropical climate with four seasons. Summer, which happens during the months of June, July, August, and September, is hot and humid; although the city has occasional tropical storms with hurricanes during August and September. Summer temperatures that range from 17 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius and it can also exceed 32 degrees Celsius. Winter in New York from December until March can be very cold with a possibility of snow storms, freezing rain, and cold winds. Temperatures can either be below or near the freezing point, ranging from -3 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius. The city recorded an average snowfall of 24.4 inches and an average annual precipitation of 49.7 inches. Spring and autumn are observed to be erratic, from chilly to warm but are usually mild with generally low humidity.

New York City is the most populated city in the United States. The city houses the United Nations headquarters and is an important center for international affairs. Its economy is the largest in the United States. The world-renowned New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world. Its different sectors like financial, insurance, and real estate are the primary drivers of the city’s economy. Its economy contributes a lot in the economic status of both New York and New Jersey.

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